A portable medical device for transdermal drug delivery by skin electroporation

Transdermal Electroporation

Transdermal drug delivery offers several advantages over conventional routes but in spite of the advantages only a small percentage of drugs can be delivered due to the barrier properties of the skin. 
Moreover transport of most drugs across the skin is very slow and lag times.
To reach steady archievement of a therapeutically effect is therefore difficult without enhancing skin penetration.
Transedermal drug delivery by electroporation is a useful alternative to the conventional routes of administration such as oral or injectable routes.

Normal membrane

Transedermal electroporation is a technology based on a momentary creation of small pores in cell membranes by applying an electrical pulse to the skin.

Membrane after electroporation

With appropriate electrical pulses, electroporation creates a transient permeabilized state that can be used to deliver a large variety of drugs through the skin.

Velon is an innovative portable device that exploits transdermal electroporation allowing effective topical drug

It is important to note that it is the drug that makes the therapeutic action. Velon does not have any healing function but only on the transport of molecules.


Velon is an innovative hand-held device that combines all the features normally available in a bulky electroporation system.

Portable Easy to Use

Velon is compact, very easy to use and designed to accomodate pre-programmed Electroporation Pulse Protocols for better patient convenience.

Micro electroporation

As opposed to high voltage pulses, Velon generates low level controlled pulses to ensure that less is used to electroporate which eliminates risk of inducing damage.

Multiple Pulsing

Velon makes use of multiple pulsing method. This method is critical for maximum delivery effectiveness and minimum impact on tissues.

Topical drug administration by means of Velon has many advantages
over oral or injectable routes

Non invasive

Velon Electroporation Pulse Protocol (EPP) ensure that less energy is used to electroporate eliminating risk of inducing damage. Unlike an intravenous infusion, delivery is non-invasive.

No impact on gastro intestinal metabolism

The compact portable design allows patient to operate Velon anywhere in a quick and easy manner.


The compact portable design allows patient to operate Velon anywhere in a quick and easy manner.

Rapid response

The active ingredients come directly to cellular receptors. Lag times can be substantially reduced.


Higher uptake of the drug with reduction of dosing frequency. Once absorbed, hepatic circulation is bypassed, thus avoiding another major site of potential degradation.


Electroporation Pulse Protocols have been shown to increase, accelerate and broaden transdermal drug delivery.


Tissue resistance drops due to increased membrane permeability. Velon constantly adjusts the electroporation signal limiting possible tissue damage and heating.

Patient Compliance

Velon full programmability allows the patient to easily comply to the prescribed treatment regimen.

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